3rd Russian Summer School in Information Retrieval
September 11-16, 2009, Petrozavodsk


ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar Petrozavodsk State University Karelian Research Center, RAS Russian Foundation for Basic Research videolectures.net

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Public transportation in Petrozavodsk and a city map

You can move around Petrozavodsk by trolleybuses, buses and fixed-run taxies.
All the information about public transport in Petrozavodsk you can find at the web-site: http://ptz-trans.ru, including a map of trolleybus routes, a map of minibus routes.

You can download a free vector map of Petrozavodsk with a convenient search engine at the web site http://contour.ptz.ru.

You can download a raster map, a map for navigators and look at the web-map of Petrozavodsk at the web-site http://petromap.ru.

The main school sights you can find on the map.

The railway station is marked by a blue sign on the map. All trains to Petrozavodsk arrive at this station. The hotel “Severnaya” is marked by a yellow sign. The main building of Petrozavodsk State University (Lenina ave. 33) is marked by a red sign with a dot. Another university building (the building of Faculty of Medicine, so called “theoretical building”, Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 31) is marked by a red sign without a dot. Blue sing points to the club Territoriya (Varkausa str., 12), where the final RuSSIR-party'2009 will take place.

How to reach

When you leave the railway station, you find yourself on Gagarina square. If you stand with the building of the railway station behind your back, Shotmana street will be to your left hand, and Krasnoarmeyskaya street – to the right hand. Lenina avenue, the main street of Petrozavodsk, goes straight ahead from the station. The hotel “Severnaya” is situated on Lenina avenue two bus stops down the street from the railway station.

You can get to the hotel from the railway station: You can get from the railway station to the main building of Petrozavodsk University: You can get from the railway station to the Faculty of Medicine building of Petrozavodsk University: From the hotel to the university: From the hotel to the club “Territoriya”:

How to reach Petrozavodsk

By train

The most comfortable way to reach Petrozabodsk is to travel by train. If there is no direct railway connection from your town, the best way to get to Petrozavodsk is through Saint Petersburg or Moscow. The railway station is situated in the center of the town, so it won't be a problem to get to a hotel.
Timetable on the website of Russian Ralways
School participants arrived by any train will be met by organisers on the railway station.
Sometimes there are extra trains from Moscow and Saint Petersburg to Murmansk, but the timetable is essential to specify on the exact date.

By bus

There is bus service between Petrozavodsk and Saint Petersburg, Vologda, Cherepovec and Velikij Novgorod. Detailed bus service timetable for September will be known later.

By plane

Airport "Besovec" is situated at a distance of 10km. There were flights between Petrozavodsk and Moscow, Cherepovec and Helsinki in summer 2008. Schedule for September 2009 will be known in the end of March 2009.

Travel from Finland

Foreign participants can come to Petrozavodsk from Helsinki by bus or plane. To book seats in a bus is better through school organisers in advance. Plane schedule for September 2009 will be announced later.


Please send all inquiries to school[at]romip[dot]ru.