ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar

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Format of results for page classification tracks

Results should be returned as one or several XML files. Each XML file contains answers for one or several tasks.

XML must have the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<romip:taskresult xmlns:romip="" trackId="ROMIP-%YEAR%-Webpage-classification">
<!-- for legal documents classification trackId="ROMIP-%YEAR%-Legal-classification" -->
  <doclist topicID="240">
  <doclist topicID="184">

Please use the year of current ROMIP cycle instead of %YEAR% (for example, 2010 for ROMIP'2010).

Tag run is descriprion of the system produced the result.

  • systemID - system identifier provided by ROMIP organizing commitee.
  • runID - run identifier to distinguish between different runs of same participant. Value is up to participant.

Tag result describes into which topics item was classified.

Order of docID tags in the doclist is the order of estimated relevance of documents to the topic.

Document identifier (docID) is value of document tag in it's description in the documents collection. Topic identifiers (value of topicID attribute) should match topics identifiers from the training set.

IMPORTANT: if the collection has docURL tags then the docURL values should be used as the value of docID tags in the results.