ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar

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ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar

The goals of the seminar are to provide a basis for independent evaluation of information retrieval methods, aimed to be used for Russian language text retrieval, and to increase communication and exchange of ideas among Russian researchers and developers working in the area of information retrieval.


February 15 2020

Yandex open sourced two test collections used by ROMIP!

December 07 2014

We are happy to announce two shared tasks of semantic similarity evaluation: the relatedness and the association tasks. These tasks are quite accessible, so we encourage both beginners and experts to participate. Short descriptions of the tasks are given below. Potential participants should register in order to participate here as soon as possible.

January 15 2013

The results of sentiment analysis tracks are send to all the participants.

December 15 2012

We invite everyone to participate in theMachine Translation Evaluation Workshop.

December 3 2012

Test collections released. All collections were send to the participants.

November 9 2012

A new Russian sentiment lexicon is published. It contains sentiment words from various product domains.

November 6 2012

The registration is closed. Training data is avaliable for the participants.

October 24 2012

Registration will be opened till November 4.

In a few days all registered participants will recieve e-mails with instructions how to obtain training data.

October 11 2012

We invite everyone to participate in the new cycle of ROMIP seminar. Registration is opened.

September 20 2012

ROMIP evaluation seminar was presented during the CLEF'12 conference.

June 1 2012

On the first of June during the Dialog conference the ROMIP round table took place. There were 7 oral presentations and open discussion of the sentiment analysis problems in Russian.

ROMIP'2011 papers can be found here.

December 28 2011

All results are sent to the participants. Presentation and discussion of the results will take place during the Dialog conference.

October 20 2011

The official start of the ROMIP'2011.

Each participant should fill the registration form. Registration deadline is November 1, 2011.

September 25 2011
We invite everyone to the discussion about new sentiment analysis track at the forum!
October 15 2010

ROMIP'2010 took place in Kazan and was collocated with RCDL'2010. More then 60 researchers from academia and industry took part in the conference. There were 10 oral presentations followed by the round table.

ROMIP'2010 proceedings can be found in the full list of publications (in Russian).

If you are looking for more information or would like to make suggestion, please join our forum and post your questions and proposals there.

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