4th Russian Summer School in Information Retrieval
September 13-18, 2010, Voronezh


ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar Voronezh State University

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City map and public transportation

You can find the main school sites on the map. The main places of the School (the main building of the university and hotels) are located in the central part of the city. The center of Voronezh city is located at the Lenin square wher regional administration building, Nikitin library, Koltsovskaya Square and Opera&Ballet Theater are placed. The Lenin square is crossed by the Plekhanovskaya street and Revolution avenue (toward - Kirov street). If one crosses the city center in the direction from the railway station Voronezh-1 then the main building of Voronezh State University is on the left turn (about 500 meters from Lenin square along  the street Plekhanovskaya) and the Brno hotel  is on the right turn (about 100 meters away from Lenin square, behind the theater).

Interactive map of Voronezh is available at the web site http://map.vrn.ru/. Also you can download different types of maps of Voronezh at the web-site http://map.vrn.ru/

You can move around Voronezh by trolleybuses, buses and fixed-run taxies.

From Brno hotel to main building of University (Universitetskaya square, 1):

By train

The most comfortable way to reach Voronezh is to travel by train. If there is no direct railway connection from your town, the best way to get to Voronezh is through Saint Petersburg or Moscow.

If Voronezh is a terminal for the train route, the train arrives at the station Voronezh-1, which is located in the cental district of the city. Most of the passing trains make a stop for 2-4 minutes at the Pridatcha station, which is located on the left bank of the Voronezh.
Timetable on the website of the Russian Ralways

You can get to the hotel from the Voronezh-1 railway station:

Leaving the station, you will find Tchernyakchovsky square (and Tchernyakchovsky monument in the center of it) in front of you. The Koltzovsaya street crosses Tchernyakchovsky square in parallel with station building. At right front of the station building is the final stop of public transport. One could get to the city center by the following minibuses and trolleybuses:

From Pridatcha railway station to the city center: first one should walk from station to Tzialkovskiy street (or Geroyev Stratosphery street), then get by minibus:

Another option - cross railway tracks, then walk to Volgogradskaya street and get by (mini)buses 1Õ, 41, 41ņ to the Lenin square.

Minibus Ļ104 can get you directly from Pridatcha station to the Lenin square.

By bus

There is bus service between Petrozavodsk and Saint Petersburg, Vologda, Cherepovec and Velikij Novgorod. Detailed bus service timetable for September will be known later. There are more than 50 directions for bus service from the central bus station of Voronezh. The bus service supported between Voronezh and Moscow, Rostov, Krasnodar, Saratov, Tambov, Lipetsk, Belgorod, Kursk, Volograd, etc. Also bus service to near foreign cities is available: Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kishinev.

One can get from central bus station to the city center by the virtually all the (mini)buses passing the Moskovskiy avenue: 1, 1¬, 1 , 5ņ, 9 —, 13Õ, 14Õ, 22¬, 27, 29, 29¬, 35, 37, 41, 49, 49Ń, 49Ő, 55, 69“, 79, 89, 90, 96, 105, 120“, 125, 366, 366¬, 382, and by trolleybuses: 2, 7, 7ŗ.

By plane

The Voronezh airport is located near Chertovitsy village, 5 km far from the city. One can get from airport to the center of Voronezh city by bus Ļ120“.


Please send all inquiries to school[at]romip[dot]ru.