Getting to Nizhny Novgorod


By plane
The Nizhny Novgorod Airport operates up to 10 flights a day direct from Moscow, and a big variety of international destinations (Antalya, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Prague etc.) The fleeting, 45-minute flight from/to Moscow will cost you 2000RUB (40 EUR). The prices for round-trip tickets from major European airports, with connection in Moscow, start from 250 EUR.

Destination Flight
Carrier Round‐trip
price, EUR
Frankfurt/Main 4 hours Lufthansa450
St.Petersburg2 hours Ak Bars Aero 100
Belgorod 3.5 hours Aeroflot360
Prague (PRG) 3.15 hours Czech Airlines 350

The International Airport Nizhny Novgorod is located 18 kilometres southwest of the centre of Nizhniy Novgorod. A taxi ride will take you 25 minutes and about 13 EUR to get to the city centre. Also, there are buses 11, 20, 46, 29 you can take.

By train
Another solution might be going by train. That is the cheapest one. The prices for one way ticket from Moscow range between 700 RUB (17 EUR) and 4000 RUB (100EUR) for the first class serving. For instance high-speed train Sapsan goes not more than 4 hous and costs 30 EUR. There is one big advantage in travelling by train, the railway station is located right in the centre of transport connection, which means, you can easily go anywhere you want from there.

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