Wednesday. Sport evening.


Knowledge is great, but also we suggest every participant to relax. Strain your muscles and improve your health! We suggest you the next options: football, volleyball and gym.

Please do not forget a sport wear and shoes in order to make the best time!

  • Place
31a/4 Minina street. Entrance from the lane

  • Time
Sport evening starts at 8 pm (20:00) and ends at 10 pm (22:00)

  • Cost

  • Additional information
We plans to divide all the time into two parts by an hour for football and volleyball. Also you can go to the gym in sport evening time.

  • Transport and map
The nearest bus stop to the gym is Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, so all buses for the hostel is valid for the sport evening.
More information and the map you can find below:

Full screen RuSSIR 2014 map

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First lecture start at 9.15 am, please don't be late.

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