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Higher school of economics in St. Petersburg


HSE St. Petersburg, along with HSE Moscow, HSE Nizhny Novgorod and HSE Perm, is one of the four campuses of Higher School of Economics one of the top five Russian universities and the leader among social science schools. Research and teaching at the Campus encompass economics, management, sociology, history, political science, law, and Asian studies, with applied mathematics being launched in 2015.The campus got its first student enrollment in 1998, while HSE Moscow was established in early 1990s as a center of innovation in higher education and research in economics. Due to its excellent team it quickly grew and spread into the entire field of social science, humanities, and some fields of information science, applied mathematics and engineering. Nowadays, HSE is the major consulting center to the government in the field of social and economic development of Russia.

HSE St. Petersburg sees its mission in becoming the center of Russias international development in the North-West in the field of economics, social studies, humanities, and applied mathematics and informatics. At present, it contains 18 chairs with 2400 students and 300 professors, as well as nine laboratories and eight research groups with over a hundred researchers.