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Getting to St. Petersburg



St. Petersburg is the final destination of a web of intercity and suburban railways served by five different railway terminals (Baltiysky, Finlyandsky, Ladozhsky, Moskovsky, and Vitebsky). Each terminal is connected with a metro station. Train timetables can be found here.


St. Petersburg is served by the Pulkovo International Airport.

From Pulkovo Airport
From the Pulkovo Airport terminal the city bus 13 goes to the "Moskovskaya" metro station. The bus goes every 15-20 minutes from 5.40 a.m. till 0.30 a.m The trip takes 20-25 minutes. The price is about 35 rub.

The shuttle buses K-3, K-113, K-213 also go from the Pulkovo 2 terminal to the "Moskovskaya" metro station. The price is 45 rub.

We recommend you NOT to accept the offers from taxi drivers in the arrival hall or outside the airport. These taxi are safe but unreasonably expensive.

You can order a taxi from the following services that are on average twice as cheap as the above.

Getting to the venue

Conference venue is 3 Kantemirovskaya st.

  • To get there, take metro to the Lesnaya () Station. Walk along Kantemirovskaya St. towards the Neva river for 15-20 minutes; the building will be on your left.

  • You can also take trolleybus number 31. Walk along Kantemirovskaya St. towards the Neva river for a couple of minutes until you cross Lesnoy Prospect (a very large one). Find the trolleybus stop on the right side of Kantemirovskaya. Buy a ticket when you get in. Get off on the second stop and cross Kantemirovskaya to reach the venue.

  • Alternatively, catch share taxi () No 10 or 131. To do this, turn towards Neva river and make sure you are on the right (right = not left) side of Kantemirovskaya St. Raise your hand when you see a mini-bus with the respective number. Pay the driver when you get in. To exit, tell the driver the two magic words KANTEMIROVSKAYA TRI ( ). You can say this while paying, thus showing you dont know where it is. He will stop and signal you to get off when you reach the venue. Russian speakers can also explain that this is right before the bridge.

  • When you reach the building, go around if from the left and into the yard. Please, note that what is considered the ground floor in the UK or USA, is the 1st floor in Russia. So the 4th floor (your target) will be there where you would expect the 3rd floor to be. Remember it esp. when you use the elevator and the wall signs.

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