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In order to get the Russian visa you have have to request an official invitation at the Monomax registration system. In particular, choose the "Visa Support" section and fill in the required fields. The invitation cost is 450 rub.

If you stay in a hotel other than Kapitanskaya, you have to request a booking confirmation from your hotel and send it to

An information about the Russian visa and an invitation you can get at


Russian official currency is a Russian rouble (rub). 100 rub are approximately equal to 2.5 euros and 3.5 US dollars.


Most of the electrical circuits in Russia and especially those at the school venue are equipped with the European sockets like the one below.
Euro socket
However, there are still some sockets that look similar but a bit thinner so that some plugs do not fit in them.
Soviet socket
Please make sure your power plug fits in these types of sockets or you have an appropriate adapter.


During the summer school lunches will be organized at the University canteen at Birgevaya line 6. It is located in front of the Faculty of History and Philosophy (school lecture hall). Two lunch options of 200 rub and 300 rub will be served. The preliminary menu will be available on July 1.

Also there are several cafes and restaurants near the school venue.
NameMenu and approximate priceOpen hoursAddressDistance in mins
Cafeteria at the Faculty of History and PhilosophyTea / coffee 15-50 rub, business lunch 100 rub, hot dogs / sandwiches 85 rub11:00 - 20:30Mendeleevskaya line 50 mins
Café in the Academy of Science LibraryTea / coffee 10-40 rub, salads ~ 40 rub10:30 - 17:30Birgevaya line b13-5 mins
Restaurant "Butterfly"Tea / coffee 80-100 rub, business lunch 150 rub (11:00-16:00)
English menu is available
11:00 - 03:00Makarova Emb. 10 / Birgevoyi pereulok 15-10 mins
Restaurant "Grad Petrov"English menu is available12:00 - 01:00Universitetskaya Emb. 5, opposite Lomonosov monument5-10 mins
Restaurant "Imperator"Business lunch 200 rub
English menu is available
12:00 - 00:00Tamozhennyy per. 25-10 mins

Please check the map for locations.

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