The Russian Young Scientists Conference in Information Retrieval (YSC) is organized within the school. The school program includes YSC poster sessions where every student presents her/his current research and discusses it with lecturers and peers.

Poster Session
At the beginning of each YSC poster session every participant briefly presents his/her poster - one minute for a participant without slides. After that the poster session is a free discussion: an author stays near his/her poster explaining the work and answering questions. An approximate time for this part is one hour. More information about how poster sessions are held can be found on wikipedia.

Please be aware that you have to print the poster yourself and take it with you to the school. Stickers and pins will be provided.

Accepted full papers
Dmitry Urbanovich, Pavel Ajtkulov, Simple Algorithm to Maintain Dynamic Suffix Array for Text Indexes, Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia.
Svetlana Vladimirovna Popova, Ivan Aleksandrovich Khodirev, Narrow-domain short texts clustering algorithm, Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Gleb B. Sologub, On measuring of similarity between tree nodes, Aviation Institute (State Technical University), Moscow, Russia.
Arjumand Younus, M. Atif Qureshi, Nasir Touheed, Emotion-Aware Social Search: Detecting Level of Public Sentiment on Twitter through Socio-Linguistic Features, Faculty of Computer Science, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan.
M. Atif Qureshi, Arjumand Younus, Nasir Touheed, Investigating Spam Mass Variations for Detecting Web Spam, Faculty of Computer Science, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan.
Alexandr Zharikov, Konstantin Kristalovsky, Vasiliy Pivovarov, Information Retrieval System For News Articles In Russian Interfax Moscow, Russia.
Liana Ermakova, Transforming message detection, Perm State University, Perm, Russia.
Anna Tolkacheva, Efficient Algorithm for Finding Minimal Spanning Tree in Directed Graphs With Integer-Valued Weights, Lobachevski State University of Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.

Poster Sessions
Mon, 15 Wed, 17 Thu, 18 Fri, 19
Ajtkulov Pavel
Simple Algorithm to Maintain Dynamic Suffix Array for Text Indexes
Alekseevsky Timofey
Simple Adult Spam Filter for Video Search
Burangulov Pavel
Combining Methods of Machine Learning to Increase Quality and Performance
Akcora Cuneyt
Gurcan Identifying Breakpoints in Public Opinion
Artemev Konstantin
Behavioral-based detection and prevention of malicious applications and actions with machine-learning algorithms and footprints information retrieval in Smart UAC project
Eskevich Maria
Improving Search for Unstructured Conversational Speech Archives
Kan Dmitry
Semantic Feature Machine Translation System for Information Retrieval
Babakov Oleg;
Yuzhanin Alexandr;
Petrenko Alexey

Measuring public mood state
Berlinkov Mikhail
Synchronizing automata as natural models of error-resistant systems
Fatyanova Mariya
Designing SaaS for creating and watching 3D exhibition halls.
Andreev Andrey
Scientific SparQL: Semantic Web queries for scientists
Chuklin Aleksandr
Analyzing Web Search User Behavior to Enhance 2nd Document Quality
Borisyuk Fedor
Classification aided IR-search
Fomina Julia
Image retrieval method based on matching local self-similarities
Antoine Emilien
Webdam system - a distributed knowledge base
Bagley Stanislav
An Approach to Scores Combining in a Task of Ranking in News Clusters
Filonov Egor
Clustering of search queries to improve search results presentation
Fraga-Silva Thiago
Information retrieval techniques for conversational speech language modeling
Bichineva Svetlana
Disambiguation procedure based on valency frames of RussNet semantic hierarchies for frequent nouns
Alekseev Aleksey
Automatic Entity Detection Based on News Cluster Structure
Flonts Vladimir
Real-time indexing of a large set of isolated document collection
Glazyrin Nikolay
The algorithms of Chord Estimation in Digital Music
Bressan Federica
Towards a Procedure for Quality Control on Large Collections of Digitized Audio Data: the Case of the "Fondazione Arena Di Verona"
Ermakova Liana
Transforming Message Detection
Floreskul Volodymyr
Development of Source Code Search Engine
Golovnev Alexander
New Upper Bounds for MAX-2-SAT and MAX-2-CSP problems w.r.t. the Average Variable Degree
Chen Luying
Querying Semantically Annotated Data
Frolov Anton
Sentiment Analysis in Russian Texts
Gubichev Andrey
Fast Estimation of Shortest Paths on Large Web and Social Graphs
Kalistratova Olga
Conten-based Music Mood Classification Using MultiBoosting
Chetviorkin Ilia
Extraction and Use of Opinion Words for Three-Way Review Classification Task
Golubev Ivan
Text Clustering on the Basis of Syntax Information
Komissarov Aleksey
Using n-gram language models based on full text biomedical articles for a correction of context-level errors
Kolchanov Andrey
Savior Of Life
Chistousova Aleksandra
Cross-validation of Databases, Knowledge Bases and Text Corpuses
Kapnin Aleksey
Technology of semantic proximity texts assessment
Lyubomishchenko Nickolay
Monte-Carlo Study of Taxonomy Evaluation
Kornev Dmitry;
Zverev Vladimir

Near duplicates detection in panoramic image collections
Dontsov Dmitry
Generating thesaurus for query expansion
Grokhovetskiy Ruslan
Using Colaborative Translation Tool for Machine Translation Evaluation

Lopez-Enriquez Carlos Manuel
Service-based query optimization
Kosenkova Galina
Observe and analyze monitoring and modeling earthquakes
Dral Aleksey
Entity Labeling Based on Machine Learning Methods
Kuznetsov Dmitry;
Mirzoyan Alexey

How Can We Separate Humans from Robots on Twitter?
Maksymets Oleksandr
Application of minimization algorithm for finite acyclic automata in finding conditions basis for program invariant search.
Parfenenkov Boris
Clusterization and heuristic search for images on descriptive set of emotional characteristics
Gareev Rinat
Open extraction of semantic relationshipsbetween ontology entities from annotated text
Medvedev Timofey
USPTO: Company Names Matching

Maximov Yury
One Approach to Sparse Binary Matrix Clustering
Perov Yurij
Electronic Mark-book for Schools
Katkov Yury
Semantic Social Profile
Musienko Andrey
News Queries Detection

Metrikov Pavel
A Large-scale Study of the Effect
of Training Set Characteristics
over Learning-to-Rank
Polishchuk Kate
Recognition of panorama parts using OpenCV
Koltsova Elena
Developing Methods for Semantic & Network Analisys of Blogs
Momtazi Saeedeh
Opinion- and Social Network-based Entity Ranking
Nawrot Ilona
Focused Revisit Policy for Legal Deep Web Sources
Shornikova Maria
Clustering-based algorithm for image retrieval using Relevance Feedback
Konstantinova Natalia
Knowledge Acquisition for IQA from Wikipedia
Ogijko Anna
Construction and analysis of an administrative university structure and its web-resources
Novozhilova Sofya
Reading and Writing Operation in Object Transaction Model
Ustalov Dmitry
Utkus Text-to-Picture synthesis system
Kurian Kristina
Methods for finding frequent items in data stream
Protasov Sergey
Click p-Found Search Quality Metric
Prigara Ekaterina
Popularity Analysis of Topics on Q&A service Stack Overflow using MapReduce
Veremeenko Tatyana
Accelerometer Calibration for Mobile Robot Moving Classification
Morgan Mena Badieh Habib
Neogeography: The Treasure of User Volunteered Text
Popova Svetlana
Narrow-domain short-texts clustering
Pu Xiaojia
Chinese Named Entity Recognition with the Improved Smoothed Conditional Random Fields
Yarygina Anna
Processing Complex Similarity Queries: Image Retrieval
Safonova Angelina
Statistical analisys of user clicks distributions
Qureshi Muhammad Atif
Investigating Spam Mass Variations for Detecting Web Spam
Rota Silvia
KEYRY: A Hidden Markov Model approach to Keyword-based Search over Relational Databases
Trofimov Ilya
Using Boosted Trees for CTR Prediction
in Sponsored Search
Panchenko Alexander
Comparison of the Knowle Similarity Measures for Semantic Relations Extractiondge-, Corpus-, and Web-based
Rogozhnikov Alexey
Text similarity analysis in IT news and articles

Samsonov Alexey
Abelian Repetition Threshold
Vasilik Dmitri
Modelling Snapshot Isolation
Santoro Donatello
++Spicy: an Open-Source Tool for Mapping and Data Exchange
Shmatova Mariya
Designing a Typological Database (by example of NNC-Database)
Spirin Nikita
Learning to Rank with Nonlinear Monotonic Ensemble
Volokhov Anton
Using Euclidean multidimensional hashing algorithms to estimate approximate nearest neighbors for cosine distance measure.
Sapozhnikov German
Toolkit for Hierarchical Multi-label Classification
Solovyev Alexey
A Model of Opinion Mining in mass media

Sologub Gleb
On measuring of similarity between tree nodes
Tolkacheva Anna
Efficient Algorithm for Finding Minimal Spanning Tree in Directed Graphs With Integer-Valued Weights
Shubkina Olga
Semantic Annotation of Text Documents Using Competitive Probabilistic Neural Network
Varol Emre
CoDet: Sentence-based Containment Detection in News Corpora
Styskin Andrey
Recency Ranking by Diversification of Result Set
Vorobyev Alexandr
Aspect Model for Dyadic Data
Stepanova Maria
RussNet: a Lexical Database for the Russian Language
Vatanen Tommi
Exercise Support Solution Social Media Meets Data Analysis
Surovenko Nikolay
Content-aware collaborative filtering for improved recommendations of books
Zharikov Alexandr
Information Retrieval System For News Articles In Russian
Zhernakova Daria
Creation an ontology-based short text classification system
Odijk Daan
Linking Archives
Volkova Valentina
Fuzzy clustering algorithm for multi-topic text documents
Zhiltsov Nikita
MocaSSIN - Mathematical Semantic Search EngINe
Romanova Tatiana
Web Filtering
Lyubomishchenko Nickolay
Monte-Carlo Study of Taxonomy Evaluation
Younus Arjumand
Emotion-Aware Social Search: Detecting Level of Public Sentiment on Twitter through Socio-Linguistic Features
Obuhovskaya Zlata
Tolkacheva Anna
Efficient Algorithm for Finding Minimal Spanning Tree in Directed Graphs With Integer-Valued Weights

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