2nd Russian Summer School in Information Retrieval
September 1-5, 2008, Taganrog


ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar Taganrog Technological Institute of Southern Federal University Russian Foundation for Basic Research

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How to reach Taganrog

By plane

The nearest airport to Taganrog is situated in Rostov-on-Don (about 80 km from Taganrog). You can get from the airport to the main bus station of Rostov-on-Don by public transport:

Bus stops are situated on Sholoshov st. (behind the airport square). Travel time is 20-60 minetes. The airport and bus station locations can be found here.

By train to Rostov-on-Don

In some cases, travelling to Rostov-on-Don by train can be more convenient. To come to the Taganrog it is necessary to change from the railway station to the bus station and take a shuttle to Taganrog. Location of the stations can be found here.

From Rostov-on-Don to Taganrog

NEW! On August, 31st two shuttles from airport of Rostov-on-Don to Taganrog Hotel will be organized for RuSSIR participants. Departure times are 12:30 am and 5:00 pm. Members of Organization Committee will meet you in the airport building.

You can get to Taganrog from the main bus station or suburban railway station. Shuttle buses depart to Taganrog from the main bus station every 15-30 minutes, from 6:35 am to 10:05 pm. Travel time is 1:15-1:30. All shuttle buses and traines arrive to the main railway station Taganrog-I, then to the suburban railway station Taganrog-II. Location of the stations can be found here.

Train schedule

Direction Departure Arrival
Rostov-Taganrog-II08:24 10:25
Rostov-Taganrog-II16:53 18:17

By train to Taganrog

It is possible to get to Taganrog by train from almost any city of Russia. By considering this option please notice that some trains, for example, the one from Moscow, cross the Ukraine-Russia border and Ukraine visa could be required.

The main public transport routes of Taganrog

From "Taganrog" hotel to the TTI SFU:

Locations of the hotels, transport stations of Taganrog and RuSSIR sites can be found here.

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Please send all inquiries to school[at]romip[dot]ru.