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Poster session


According to the terms and conditions participants should prepare at least poster and small paper describing poster if they want to attend on the RuSSIR.

Posters for the RuSSIR are not peer reviewed, so they are easy way to present your research ideas and results to the scientific community.

You will be given a 90 x 200 cm board for your poster. So your poster can be of A2 (portrait or landscape mode) or A1 (portrait mode) format.

Usually poster combines text and graphics to make a visually pleasing presentation. Typically, a professional poster involves showing your work to numerous researchers at a conference or seminar. This can take place in one large room, several smaller rooms, or even on a balcony. Then, as viewers walk by, your poster should quickly and efficiently communicate your research. Unlike the fast pace of a slide show or verbal presentation, a Poster Session allows viewers to study and restudy your information and discuss it with you one on one.

Poster session

Information about 8th Russian Summer School in Information Retrieval is avalible at http://romip.ru/russir2014
Dear participants, please check changes in the school schedule. Friday lecture on Spoken Content Retrieval is moved to 18:00.
RuSSIR Young Scientist Conference schedule is now available

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