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Young Scientist Conference


RuSSIR Young Scientist Conference (RuSSIR YSC 2013)
KAZAN, Russia, September 16-20, 2013

The 7th RuSSIR Young Scientist Conference is a unique forum that brings together young researchers from the disciplines of mathematics and computer science as well as social and media sciences. The 7th RuSSiR YSC conference will be organized within the Russian Summer School in Informational Retrieval 2013.

18:00-18:10 Artem Churkin and George Mazurkevich Substitutions Acquisition Method for an Informational Retrieval System
18:10-18:20 Dmitry Kostyrev, Sergey Anishchenko and Mikhail Petrushan Time Invariant Hand Gesture Recognition For Human-Computer Interaction
18:20-18:30 Dmitry Ulyanov NMF-based method for drum separation
18:30-18:40 Nikolay Glazyrin Mid-level Features for Audio Chord Estimation
using Stacked Denoising Autoencoders
18:40-19:30 Poster Session
18:00-18:10 Sergey Ermakov and Liana Ermakova Linguistic approach to suicide detection
18:10-18:20 Svetlana Popova and Ivan Khodyrev Ranking in keyphrase extraction problem: is it useful to use statistics of words occurrences?
18:20-18:30 Alexey Raskin Comparison of Chains Clustering Techiques
18:30-19:30 Poster Session

Poster session schedule:

Participant Co-authors Title
Damir Mukhamedshin Semantic Search of Data About Offers and Organizations
George Mazurkevich Artem Churkin Substitutions Acquisition Method for an Informational Retrieval System
Dmitry Kostyrev Mikhail Petrushan Time Invariant Hand Gesture Recognition For Human-Computer Interaction
Nikolai Lyfenko Automatic Natural Language Text Categorization Methods’ Realization and Research
Marina Mytrova Music Information Retrieval Based On Automated Reasoning Methods
Fedor Vityugin Research of influence of lemmatisation in questions classification in question answering systems
Fedor Nikolaev Using Ternary Search Tree for Needs of Morphological Analysis
Maria Karyaeva Building English-Russian and Russian-English MT engines for the computer software data
Elena Mikhalkova Another Classification for Collocation Selection, Based on a Combination of Statistical and Linguistic Criteria
Danila Zaikin Terminological search for the mathematical articles
Yulia Baranova Automatic identification of syntactic complexity of a data on the basis of National Corpus of Russian Language
Sergei Koltcov / Olessia Koltsova Comment-based communities in the Russian Livejournal and their topical coherence
Ilia Chetviorkin N. Loukachevitch Creation of the publicly available sentiment lexicon
Ekaterina Pronoza Elena Yagounova Business-Media Analysis for the Information Extraction Task
Alexander Panchenko Alexander Chartishvili, Andzhey Archavsky Detection of Russian-Speaking Facebook Users
Michael Nokel Application of Topic Models to Single-Word Term Extraction
Anna Kozlova I. Burmistrov, A. Khvorost Lazy construction of SLP
Mikhail Dykov Pavel Vorobkalov Twitter Trends Detection by Identifying Grammatical Relations
Yulia Grishina Methodology of evaluation of automatic anaphora/ coreference resolution
Valentin Lubimov Lilia Aratunyan, Migran Aratunyan Online and offline detecting of stuttering (as a muscle tension) in speech recording
Anton Dergunov PersonalDJ: classification and recommendation methods for personal music collections
Alexander Novikov TRW based inference in Markov Random Fields
Mohammad Shafiei Rezvani Nezhad Robocup Humanoid Field Line Detection Using Line Slope
Norma Gomes Expertise Locator inside the Brazilian Forensic Institute: a proposal using open source semantic web technologies
Alessio Bazzica Understanding the Relationships Between Musical Cues and Motion
Egor Lakomkin Identify bird species from continuous audio recordings
Yury Sokursky Analysis and visualization of brain connectome
Valentin Malykh Recognition of augmented fields with usage of „Roulette“ algorithm
Ivan Anisimov Cluster technologies and parallel computing in natural language processing
Andrey Kutuzov Detecting bad search snippets with the help of automated linguistic metrics: Mail.ru experience
Ajay Ramaseshan Multiway Methods for Dimensionality Reduction applied to a Personalised Music Collection
Denis Fedorenko Nikita Astrakhantsev Extracting New Concepts From Domain-Specific Terms
Olga Kalistratova Feature Selection for Music Mood Classification
Anastasia Bodrova / Alexander Chuchunkov / Krylova Irina The web interface for statistical metrics
Alexander Fonarev Overview of Decision Trees and Ensembles of them
Nikolay Glazyrin Recurrent and Sparse Denoising Autoencoders for Audio Chord Estimation
Alexey Raskin Comparison of Chains Clustering Techiques
Andrey Ponomarev Vladimir Polyakov Extracting numerical and temporal entities for nanomaterial knowledge base population
Svetlana Popova Ranking step in keyword extraction problem: Is it useful to use information about word’s frequency and other statistical metrics based on information about word occurrence?
Nikolay Suboch Andrei Venzhega, Polina Zhinalieva Graph-based Malware Distributors Detection
Kirill Lazarev Binary Classification of External Hyperlinks by Website Homepage
Nikolay Karpov Developing Language Processing Text Tool for Web Resources
Alexandra Yashina Spoken document retrieval system based on phonemic transcriptions
Maria Stepanova Named Entity Recognition for Russian using HMM
Max Ionov Creating Corpora for Query Intent Classification
Leanid Vaitsekhovich Computer Network Security Approach Based on Multi-agent Dynamic Recognition
Igor Baltiyskiy Sergey Nikolenko A Probabilistic Graphical Model for the Music Harmony Similarity Task
Ehsan Amid / Luiza Sayfullina P. Rozenshtein Musical Instrument Classification Using Embedded Hidden Markov Models
Galina Lezina Artem Kuznetsov Predict Closed Questions on StackOverflow
Kaoutar El Ghali Charles Tijus, Geoffroy Peeters Towards computational morpho-semantic music description based on Semiotic Temporal Units
Maria Komar Vitaly Petrov, Anton Ovseenko An Applicability Assessment of Search Techniques on Encrypted Data for Mobile Devices
Ramis Yamilov Nikita Zhiltsov Organizing Questions from Community Question Answering Services into a Course Syllabus
Babak Loni Raynor Vliegenhart, Martha Larson, Alan Hanjalic How do we Deep-link? Leveraging User-Contributed Time-Links for Non-Linear video access
Alexander Beloborodov Forum messages classification using CQA data
Ksenia Zhagorina Vladimir V. Gusev Enriching company profiles using Wikipedia
Marsel Sidikov Tokenization – Apache UIMA and JFlex technologies
Valery Kotelnikov / Evgeniya Kotelnikova The Modeling of Cognitive Information Retrieval
Katerina Malahova Vitaly Khudobakhshov Procedural text representation and generation
Daniil Skorinkin Ontological Parsing of Russian Monolingual Dictionaries
Ramil Gataullin Support of the Tatar language in UIS RUSSIA’s retrieval system
Justas Balčas Named Entity Recognition for Lithuanian Language
Kristina Sabirova Artem Lukanin, Alexander Panchenko Hypernym and Cohyponym Extraction with Lexico-Semantic Templates
Sergiu Chelaru Ismail Sengor Altingovde, Stefan Siersdorfer, Wolfgang Nejdl Analyzing, Detecting and Exploiting the Polarity of Opinionated Web Queries
Diego Saez-Trumper Finding Relevant People in Online Social Networks
Ruslan Nigmatullin Spoken language identification using local frequency features
Ilia Nekhay Exploring internal and external information in Named Entity Recognition

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