Getting there


You can travel to Yaroslavl by train, plane, or by bus.

We recommend train as the most convenient transportation to Yarslavl.
The trip from Moscow takes about 4 hours. Trains depart from Moscow's Yaroslavskyy railway terminal (Yaroslvaskiy Vokzal).

Most trains arrive at Yaroslavl's central station, Yaroslavl Glavnyy (ярославль √лавный). Some trains arrive at Yaroslavl's second railway terminal, Moskovsky Vokzal (ћосковский вокзал).

The up-to-date train information can be found at the web-site of the Russian Railways (available only in Russian). The School can help foreign attendees plan their journeys. If you need our assistance, please email us:
You can start planning your trip with the following train schedule (local time; all trains depart from Yaroslavskyy railway station of Moscow):

Train NumberDestinationDeparture from MoscowArrival in Yaroslavl
044Moscow - Khabarovsk00:3504:30
812Moscow Ц Yarloslavl (Glavnyy)08:2012:10
016Moscow - Arkhangelsk 10:0514:12
376Moscow - Vorkuta 12:3016:50
340Moscow - Chita13:3517:50
034Moscow Ц Sosnogorsk 14:0518:08
008Moscow Ц Yekaterinburg 14:5018:44
816Moscow Ц Yaroslavl (Glavnyy)19:1003:41
320Moscow Ц Kotlas 19:2023:05
022Moscow - Labytnangi 19:3523:42
318Moscow - Arkhangelsk 19:5023:52
060Moscow - Vologda20:2000:20
126Moscow - Cherepovets21:0501:02
042Moscow - Vorkuta 21:5001:33
148Moscow - Kostroma 22:2002:21
068Moscow - Abakan 22:5502:57

If you are travelling from Saint Petersburg, you can take the following direct trains (from Saint Petersburg's central railway station):

Train numberDestinationDeparture from
St. Petersburg
Arrival in Yaroslavl
045St. Petersburg - Ivanovo 17:2705:30
347St. Petersburg Ц Ufa 18:2106:44

Or you can go to Moscow and take a train to Yaroslavl from there.

How to get to Yaroslavsky Railway Station


Yaroslavl's Tunoshna Airport is located outside of the city, so you will need to take Bus 183A or taxi to the city. We strongly recommend that you don't accept offers from taxi drivers in the arrival hall or outside the airport - these taxis can be unreasonably expensive. Flights to Yaroslavl depart from Domodedovo Airport in Moscow and from Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg, as can be seen here and here.

The flight from Moscow is about one hour.


You can also take a bus from Moscow. Buses depart from the Central Bus Station of Moscow (Schelkovskoye Shosse, 75/2) and arrive at the Yaroslavl Bus Station. The trip lasts between 5 and 6 hours.

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