The School attendees will be hosted in several hotels. We would like to recommend you one of the following options:

Ibis Hotel
Ibis Hotel is a 3-star hotel in the historical center of the city (Pervomayskyy Pereulok, 2a). The pricing scheme is quite flexible; a room costs about 2000 RUR per night.

Tourist hotel
We expect the majority of our participants to stay in Tourist Hotel (Prospekt Lenina, 2). The hotel offers a reasonable pricing scheme:

  • 900 RUR per night for a single room;
  • 1400 RUR per night for a double room;
  • 1800 RUR per night for a room shared by three guests.

If you are going to stay in "Tourist", please, choose corresponding
option in the registration form. Then we will inform the
hotel that you are going to book a room under RuSSIR quota.

Good Luck hostel
The hostel offers economy accommodation, with its 4 rooms providing lodging to 30 guests in total. The prices range from 450 to 550 RUR per bed per night.

The Yaroslavl State University hostel
The University hostel is located quite far from the center of the city (Soyuznaya str., 141), but it is reasonably priced - about 500 120 RUR per night.

Please contact to book a bed

Other hotels

Other hotels located near the center of the city are:

Gostevoy dom ak. PastukhovaHostel starsTwin / DoublePrivate Bathroom/WC Respublikanskaya str., 422000-2700 RUR(4852) 370-379
Medvejiy Ugol3 starsTwin / DoublePrivate Bathroom/WCSverdlova str., 16>2600 RUR>2600 RUR
Ubileynaya3 starsTwin /DoublePrivate Bathroom/WCKotoroslnyaya naberejnaya, 26>4650 RUR7(4852) 73-03-49

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